What is precision stainless steel welded pipe

Precision stainless steel welded pipe is a kind of straight seam welded pipe with relatively precise surface or size. It is a steel pipe formed by extruding the steel strip through a mold, and then automatically welded or manually welded; This kind of pipe is simple in sizing, high in production efficiency, and has many varieties and specifications. It is commonly used in machinery, furniture, bathroom, electrical appliances and engineering components. Different applications have different requirements for precision. Now let’s introduce what is precision stainless steel welded pipe.

First of all, welded pipe has more advantages than seamless pipe in production mode; The wall thickness of the welded steel pipe is more uniform, and the pipe can be sized at will. Both the pipe diameter and wall thickness can be accurately controlled; Welded pipe can be used as thick wall or thin wall, and raw materials can be controlled at will. This is also an important reason for a wider audience of stainless steel welded pipe. Let’s see where precision is reflected.

I. Surface smoothness: precision stainless steel tubes used for furniture and bathroom have high requirements for surface smoothness. Mechanical polishing or electrochemical polishing methods are used. In addition to surface scratches, rust and sand holes, those with high precision need to achieve 6K mirror effect, with a Ra value of about 0.8μ M, and the wall thickness shall not be uneven due to excessive polishing. The weld reinforcement is relatively difficult to handle. In addition to testing the polishing technology, the coincidence precision between the steel strip and the steel strip during welding shaping directly affects the weld reinforcement. High end equipment is used in the welding shaping process of precision stainless steel welded pipe. With the addition of precision polishing in the later stage, the weld almost has no touch.

Post time: Aug-17-2023